Donors have no voice

The other night, I was up thinking about an issue that has been bothering me more and more. We have no voice and no one hears our side of things.


Any documentary you see about real vampirism, you will notice that the donor gets like, a 2 word sentence and then you never see us again throughout the entire thing. It’s almost like we’re kept hidden. I think we need to be working along side our vamps in a partnership. I mean, I can’t blame them for wanting to come out so much about who they are and tell anyone who will listen, especially after having to stay hidden in the dark ages lmao, thanks to hundreds of years of stories about how horrible vampires are.


I’m just sayin’ that as donors, we should start to make our own noise in the community. Swans, stand up! Get counted! Be heard! Let ’em know we’ve had enough!!


In other vc news, still waiting to hear from the vamp from the other day I had the meeting with. Just had to give him my latest test results, so waiting for him to make a decision. He really likes to think things through. He said he’d let me know by the end of this week, so we shall see.


Alrightie vc, well it’s a boilin hot day, get out there and get you some!




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