Hopeful meeting

Well, tonight I went to go meet with a potential sang. There were actually 2 of us donors being interviewed at the same time which I wasn’t made aware of before I got there, Oh wellz.


Turns out he has interviewed 3 of us in 1 day, I knew the second one. My thoughts are garbled, stay with me. So we met with the vamp for about a half an hours. As you guys know, I’m working on getting another sang now, I just miss that.


I liked his relaxed and friendly energy, just kinda carefree, not too intense like my last vamp was. Seeing as he’s primarily straight as far as feeding goes, I’m sure/hopeful I’ll get a call back. I really really want this.


Of course he was worried about me being so young and wanting to make sure I wasn’t into the party life/drinking/smoking/drugs and such. He also wanted to make sure I was going to be available and had time for him. Of course I have time for him! I miss having a sang!


Anyway vc blog readers, I’ll update ya when he answers me at the end of this week. Ran  into some really rude guy on the way to go meet him who kinda has my blood at a boiling point right now, but it has nothing to do with vampires, so he can go fuck himself.


Swan! Watch your language! I can just hear the elders now.




they read this:P


Nightie night vc. Be well.


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