Finally back!!

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge apologies to the vc, I haven’t blogged all year! Bad swan! Bad bad swan! After everything the community has done for you! Spank!!


I don’t know where to start with you guys, so I’ll just give y’all the rundown of what’s been goin’ on in recent days.

My psi hurt me, w

e are through.

2 days ago, I found out that for 3 months, she has had another donor she didn’t tell me about. If she had been honest with me about it, I wouldn’t have cared, but the fact that she lied to me, hurt immensely, and not only that, she is feeding this other donor the same lines of bullshit she has been feeding me! The sickening thing is that she is such a damn good liar, this other donor is believing everything out of this woman’s mouth! As a donor, that makes me sick to my stomach.


It’s not that the other donor is stupid, because if that donor is stupid, then so is this one. I fell for the same tricks. It’s more of a case of the vamp being very, very good  at what she does. I need to talk to an elder about this, and have this woman stopped before she hurts anyone else, and has a negative impact on the community. I can’t be the first person she has done this too, she is way, way too good at it.


I have been quite drained, solemn, and in more pain than I know what to do with, but, the vc stayed through it with me, dealt with me when I was a little less than fun to be around , and pulled me out of my solemnity. Thank you so much. Hugsies!!




Anyway, I’m done with her, moving on up, and it’s been sooooooooooo long that I’ve posted here, I forgotted how to do it!!

I figured it out now, and I promise promise promise! I’ll never go that long without updating you again, evers!


I miss my sang, he is away, training to be a mortician. We might be changing cities, but for the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the time I have with the vc, love you guys!


One more fairyhug!
Well, it’s time for your greatest bestest awesomest favouritest donor to sign off yet again, thank yous for reading my random ramblings hahahaha, ah life as a swan, I am far, far too blessed for my own good, what more can I say!


Go vc!!


Loves to you all,


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