Hosting my own vc event.

On the 5th, me and the group are gonna be hosting an event in my local vc. I’m gonna be performing some songs I wrote about my experiences and relationships within the community, as well as speaking up there. Im way beyond honoured that after such little time in the community, they want me to speak at a meeting, and host it on top of that!

It’s more of a function/get together thing than a meeting, it’s not really that formal, but me’s excited!

Let’s just hope the whole entire vc doesn’t laugh at me? Teehee.


6 Responses to “Hosting my own vc event.”

  1. So… where is this?

  2. blackswan21 Says:

    Actually, I just found out that they’ve moved the meeting to the 29th, because the place we were gonna have it at, it’s just not gonna work out. Sucks really, I was looking forward to it, so we have until then to figure the rest of the detales out. Do you live by me at all?

  3. I have no idea, since I don’t recall you ever actually saying the area that you live in…

  4. blackswan21 Says:

    O sorry lol, I live in Canada, not sure where you are, but I’m in Hamilton, Ontario. Guess it would have helped to mention that…


  5. Oh… yeah, I’m nowhere near there at all. Oh, well, would have been fun to finally go to a meetup.

  6. blackswan21 Says:

    Awwwws, sorry you can’t come mett us, the group would have liked it, we like to have anyone we can.

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