You’re sleeping with my vamp…

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Lmao, I actually just had to get this down this is funny to me. Today another donor in our local scene actually approached me and said, I know you’ve been sleeping with my vamp, anything to say for yourself?

Lmfao, yeah. I’ve only seen your vamp twice, barely can remember his name, and with all the feeding and fxxking I’m doing with my own vamp, I don’t have the time or energy for yours, darling. Think I handled that pretty well.

It’s just sad because if their relationship is that dysfunctional and there’s no communication between them, if it’s not me she’s accusing of fxxking her vamp, it’ll always be some other woman. She needs to chill her shit and realize what she has while she still has him before he gets tired of being treated like that. Sigh, classy.


For adults only…

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If I can be so blunt,can all my donors out there relate?

Sometimes your sex life with your vamp is 50 shades of epic. Seriously. Gods!

Sometimes they just leave you in a constant state of playfulness, mmmmmmmmmmmmm playful vamps = playful fairies. Good god, I’ve been like this for days, Where the hell is my vamp, it’s time for fun…

Amazing surprise

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My vamp took me to the place we were when we had our first feed today. I can’t believe he remembers that, as it was over 5 months ago. He’s amazing that way. Total shock, who would have known that was somehow significant to him. Those things mean a lot to a donor, but he totally gets that. How do I find the bestest vamps ever? Happy sigh.

last to know

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Sigh, why am I the last to find out anything in my own local vc?

I just found out 2 weks ago that my vamp is not from here, that he came from Scotland when he was 13. He’s in his late 30s now I’ll be damned, we’ve been going now for 5 months, nearly 6. Sigh, everyone in the vc knew his awesome story but me. I always did wonder why he pronounced certain things differently than the rest of the group, though he doesn’t ever it really thick anymore.Just mild enough that you would say to yourself, ok, where is he from? Though when he wants to amuse the group, he can sure lay it on thick though, hotness. Random musings. Well gottta go vc.

Donors for the win!

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Woot woot! I convinced my vamp to not go outside yesterday morning, more importantly not to take me with him:D. We came back to my place and had our feeding session, some warm drinks and watched films. Lovely tranquil day. I’m enjoying 1 more day off before I have to go back out there again, sigh, hope it gets warm, I miss the warm days. Always been the type that likes to get up and go, get out and do stuff. Well blah, just though I’d check in with my vc crew. I’m off for now.

Stay warm my vc lovelies,
fairy xx

Brrrrr!This is just wrong!

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Sorry, vc, sorry.No need to bleep myself out, the weather is just wrong! $$$$$$$$%%%%%!Fairy!Clean up the mouth!

I’m supposed to go out with my vamp in a couple hours and I hope he doesn’t wanna stay out long’cause this is just inhumane and cruel on the part of the universe. I’m used to freezing days, but, gah! Why does he wanna go out there! Why! Our meeting will be followed by a feeding session but I might be all frozen up by then! Sigh! Frozen fairies!

I guess it’s off to finish my warm drink and wait for my vamp whilst trying to reason with him that going outside is just, gross. Reasoning with vamps part 1. Part 2 will continue tomorrow when I let you know what happened.

Bye vc, stay warm, for the love of fairies, don’t go out there!

Sorry all!

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Well, my lovely vc friends, I am back to update you all once again.

Sorry for my extended written absence, I’ve moved into a new place and that has kept me distracted these days. Well, that sang I told you about months before, he has picked me after all. Woop woop! Dances all around my new place*

The new place is lovely, love the peaceful area, things with my vamp are awesomeness, and seem to get better on the daily. Gah, fairy, stop making typos! Sheesh!

Grumbles and corrects my writings*

I’ve taken a much needed vc break and feel a lot better for it. I miss it though. I miss donating, miss the lifestyle, the events, the meetings, my friends, the elders…Uh oh, the elders…

I don’t have a good excuse for them for not writing, they read me too. Sighs.

So as I was saying, back to donating. Stay on topic, fairy.

People often ask me why I do this, why I would even voluntarily put my hand up and want to do it. I now have your answer after 5 years. This is more rewarding than I could ever tell you, unless, of course, you’ve lived it. I just look back through my writings and see how much I’ve grown over the last 5 years. Spiritual maturity is a wonder. The vc has taught me so much over the last while that I would never have learned on my own. Plus,, my vamp is awesomeness. I have someone to do things with on boring days, someone to call up and laugh about the best of times, or cry when life throws a curve ball and sht just goes to hell. Someone to tell me all is good and that I am still in control of my own destiny. The master of my domane, ooh rah!

Teehee. It’s a deem, sacred, spiritual bond that really can’t be explained, I just, love it though. I may take the odd vc break here and there, but rest assured, I always come back. They can’t get rid of the fairy easily, nopers!

Well, it’s off to post this and carry on with my evening. Waiting for the laundry to dry. Perhaps my vamp will pass through tonight, I’m a little bit playful.
oooooops did I just say that? Fairy! The elders read this! Behave!

Sigh it’s been too long. Well, take care and stay warm, my vc lovelies. Check back soon,

fairy88 xx